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Service family: Project NP : TBC
Branch: Exploration-Production Ref : E&P
Metier: Project Rev : 00
Direction: TUPNI / PREOWEI
SERVICE TITLE (HOLDER): Project Engineer
Title: Xtree / Wellheads Engineer                             Incumbent: TBA                                       Signature : Entity: TUPNI / PREOWEI Project                            Employee Id N°:
Hierarchical Relationship:                SPS XT/IWOCS Lead

Present Holder:                                  TBA

PREOWEI field is located approximately 175 km from Port Harcourt, within the Oil Mining Lease 130, in water

depths ranging from 1100-1500m. Distances with the main existing or future infrastructures are:


    29 km to the North of EGINA Field and EGINA FPSO (OML130, operated by TUPNI)

    20 km to the North-West of AKPO field & AKPO FPSO (OML130, operated by TUPNI)


PREOWEI will be developed as a subsea Tie-back to the EGINA FPSO. The management of the PREOWEI Project is based in Lagos, Nigeria

        Organize regular meetings with Subsea Wellhead & XT systems Engineers to ensure FEED engineering progress and close out with all contractor alliance companies.

        Comment on all Xmas Tree/Wellhead Systems related documentation within Prodom in accordance with the Contract and Work Time Schedule ensuring consistency with COMPANY’s Specifications and requirements.

        Act as Leader for specific documents, as agreed with Tree and Wellheads Lead and dependent upon area of individual specialisation, consolidating comments from other reviewers.

          Provide technical support to SPS / Drilling and Completion Interface Engineer for review of Xmas Tree

/Wellhead System interfaces.

          Liaise with other disciplines and Packages to ensure cross-package conformity of designs

        Liaise with COMPANY specialists within technical departments to ensure conformance proposed designs with, or for approval to derogate from, COMPANY specifications.

        Participate in relevant technical workshops, resolution of interface design issues with packages and existing systems on Egina and related qualification activities.

          Identify and manage risk associated with FEED engineering activities.

        Participate in relevant technical workshops and in resolution of interface design issues between Preowei subsea technical teams, project packages and Egina field operations.

        To coordinate the Engineering activities during the FEED phase, in conformity with TOTAL specifications and HSE rules, and within the agreed budget, schedule and the SOR.

        Reports to and Assist the Lead engineer Xtree & wellheads/IWOCS in the coordination of all transverse activities.

        Responsible for all the activities related to the FEED studies for Xtree/Wellheads systems, i.e. to organise, manage, follow-up and control all the engineering deliverables

        Ensure that all engineering deliverables are timely issued and fit for purpose. He shall also ensure that engineering interfaces with other concerned packages are dully dealt with and managed.

        Responsible for validating the equipment qualification status (procedure / programme / report) and shall remain, during the FEED studies, the correspondent for any engineering problem occurring, for any advice


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SERVICE DESCRIPTION – Xtree / Wellheads Engineer
to be given or technical deviation request to be analysed and answered.

        Responsible for ensuring that the Xtree/wellheads will be fit for purpose, operable, maintainable and reliable – within the agreed budget and schedule for completion.

          May participate to the development of Project Management main documents (FDP, PEP, PQP, Risks, etc.)

for URF/SPS matters.

        Work closely with other COMPANY team members and contractor alliance counterparts to ensure correct information is transmitted and fully aligned.

          Report progress of Subsea Wellhead & XT system engineering activities to IWOCS/XT Lead Engineer.

          Maintain a good and respectful working attitude and good team spirit



          Comply with security rules when in NIGERIA, sites or contractor’s premises outside of NIGERIA

        Comply with site security, health and safety instructions and to stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings.

          Comply with all required COMPANY HSE requirements e.g. training, PPE, site inductions etc.

          Report any issue/anomalies (using system in place in the facility) and to make use of TOTAL STOP WORK

policy as necessary.

          Ensure that relevant TOTAL 12 golden rules are adhered to.


The PREOWEI Project is a challenging Project Technically, and with the added constraint of a short time-line for its execution. There is also the constraint of having to interface with six different Alliances within this short time-line (six months)


Position is located in Lagos, with visits to the various Contractors’ offices within and outside Lagos.

The Subsea Wellhead & XT systems Engineer will assist the IWOCS Lead Engineer to ensure that the Alliances

produce fully fit-for-purpose Functional Design documents, and that the ENGINEERING DELIVERABLE Dossier submitted by them contain sufficient information to enable them submit a compliant technical and commercial offer (PROPOSAL) for the ensuing EPCI CONTRACT that may be awarded to one of them


          Accountable for Xtree / Wellheads activities in technical coordination with Alliances


          Ensures timely return of all Alliance issued engineering documents within his responsibility.

Education: First degree in relevant Engineering Discipline. Master degree or an equivalent is an advantage

Expertise: Subsea Wellhead and XT Systems Engineering & FEED Experience, Detailed Knowledge of API 6A, 17D & ISO 13628-4-7 & ISO 10423

          Technical Experience: Minimum 10 Years Subsea Wellhead & XT systems Engineering Experience

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