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Welcome to TALON Global Services, LTD

Talon Global Services (TGS) was created in 2004 to provide consulting and business services for special international infrastructure projects around the world. Together with our Principle Affiliates and Strategic Partners, our firm is well placed to offer our professional resources and world class Construction Technology and Methods to assure project success for clients.

Our firm is comprised of many Professional Engineers, Architects, designers and we specialize in many unique and high demand sectors, with specific focus in the Oil and Gas industrial management, Power Distribution and Electrical Service Design, industrial process design, Construction management and international shipping. TGS has special skills in the creation of ISO certified quality assurance plans and techniques, with Design Quality Processes as a key skill.

To augment our staff of experienced professionals, TGS has assembled an experienced team of individuals and professional firms with unique and necessary skills capable of supporting support for every aspect of any manufacturing or infrastructure project. Our TGS Team is active in the discovery of international projects while at the same time we continue to build our powerful resources in North America to assure quality execution for important projects. TGS will lead by example in the execution of the duties as Prime Consultant, design support, quality assurance or any other level where we participate in a project.

Our team is very aware of the added value gained by insisting that our international projects will include significant local content, and we place great value on the discover of local qualified participation as well as the training to create specialized local expertise needed to address site-specific aspects for our project.

Our team of assembled experts has undertaken and succeeded at many challenging and interesting international projects. We feel confident that our team is uniquely capable of providing highly qualified design and engineering services in a way that will surpass all identified project design and engineering goals.