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  • Division : Exploration & Production                                                                                                       REF :  E/P
    Direction : TUPNI Deepwater Operations and Technical Services
    Position Reports to : ECP Subsea Manager

    Present job holder :

    TOTAL Upstream Nigeria Limited have major offshore developments in deep water offshore Nigeria based on a dispersed and clustered subsea architecture connected to spread moored stand alone Floating Production Storage and Offload units (FPSO) that account for production from over 80 subsea wells developed using a complex subsea infrastructure with a network of flowlines, umbilicals and production facilities.


    This role entails overseeing and directing all required onshore preparations and offshore subsea activities required for installation, construction, repairs and troubleshooting on the above subsea assets.

    §     Follow-up of the installation engineering activities and the implementation of safe and sound installation procedures.

    §     Implementation, organization/follow-up of Contractor marine spreads inspection and audit plan.

    §     Enforcement and supervision of marine spread upgrade plans whenever identified as required.

    §     Timely mobilizations of the appropriate contractor marine spreads, inclusive of pre-mobilization inspections.

    §     Organization and mobilization of AKPO/EGINA installation supervision teams on the various vessels.

    §     Management and supervision of all related offshore construction activities and coordination of offshore logistic activities, with pres ence offshore during certain periods/operations.

    §     Manage the offshore representatives on the OIMR vessels and organize appropriate meetings and reporting to allow a proper supervision of the offshore activities.

    §     Liaise with the System coordinators for all system related installation matters as necessary to resolve installation related issues.

    §     Ensure that Contractor installation schedule is based on safe and realistic procedures and remains compatible with TUPNI overall plan.

    Report any potential deviation to the Subsea Manager and the DW ECP hierarchy.

    §     Actively participate to the resolution of unavoidable operational interface/clashes with drilling program and Field Operations activities. Act as technical authority for the resolution of any of these situations offshore.

    §     Be a potential representative of ECP team in case of an emergency offshore and be part of a possible emergency response cell onshore.

    §     Participate in planning of offshore activities with other entities within TUPNI deepwater.

    §     Installation risk assessment and control inclusive of mitigation measures, in coordination with the contractor risk management plan.

    §     Enforce sufficient reporting process for the activities performed on and from the vessel to allow decision making process to be done at the appropriate level within COMPANY organization in accordance with applicable Delegation Of Authority (DOA).

    §     Report any issue to Subsea Manager and maintain regular and efficient information to him.

    §     Participate in clarification and responses to Contractor queries and requests for waivers issued for the activities performed on the vessel in accordance with project procedures.

    §     Ensure proper liaison with the rest of the DW ECP and TUPNI organization to guaranty adequate coordination within the team for offshore activities. Particular attention will be paid to liaise on a regular basis and as needed with the Drilling and completions, Field Operations

    Subsea Engineers, HSE Engineer and the SIMOPS Coordinators on the FPSO.

    §     Review and proffer solutions to all enquiries from the OIMR vessel.

    §     Review and provide valuable input to Company or Contractor provided engineering documentations that may be needed for fabrication of equipment and subsequent installation subsea.

    §     Any other work of a similar nature as may be requested by Subsea Manager/Hierarchy.

    In addition to the peculiar local environment in a Nigerian context, the technical complexity of the activities makes the timely completion of the vessel tasks very challenging. Therefore, the continuous and rigorous follow up of the sub-sea operations aspects remains one of the key for success.
    §     Compliance with DW ECP HSE KPI & Objective and assist DW ECP in compliance with overall TUCN HSE requirement.

    §     Ensure that Contractors HSE plans are properly aligned with Company HSE plan and that contractor implement the necessary prevention means to minimize risk to people and Company/contractor assets, at any time during operations.

    §     Organization/follow-up of offshore Subsea construction activities (Vessel/ROV’s).

    §     Timely mobilisation of the appropriate contractor personnel and equipment inclusive of pre-mobilisation inspections to ensure no downtime and loss production due to logistics/personnel delays.

    §     Coordination of all related offshore construction activities.

    §     Ensure  the  understanding  and  implementation  of  the  installation procedures  during  the  course of  the  installation  by  all  personnel

    (Company, Contractors and Subcontractors).

          Qualification: Engineering degree or equivalent (generalist, mechanical, marine …)

        Experience: Minimum of 7 years verifiable offshore experience of sub-sea system installation/construction activities involving simultaneous operations in oil & gas of production environment (Drilling/Completions/Installation) including at least 2 years working aboard an OIMR


        Previous experience working on a Total asset will be an added advantage


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