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Talon Global and our Associates serve the oil and gas production industry around the world, providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to onshore and offshore production facilities We are eager to show you how our team can demonstrate our knowledge, experience and integrated capabilities to deliver projects with maximized reliability.

The Talon Team blends the practical approach of operating personnel with the design capabilities of an engineering firm to efficiently solve petroleum production, storage and distribution challenges or performance requirements.

Our Staff is experienced in many aspects of mid-stream natural gas projects. We provide project services in natural gas compressor station design, metering station interconnect design, pipelines, underground storage and transmission.

Several of our key personnel have over 30 years of practical experience in natural gas and related energy projects. This experience allows Talon to better understand the working environment and the project administrative processes required to make natural gas projects successful.

Process and facilities engineering is the key to performance in the oil & gas industry. The Talon Team delivers process engineering services to help our clients achieve optimal performance, including:

  • Design and specification for many types of Petroleum process, distribution and storage facilities
  • Petroleum Process and Facilities Design
  • Process Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • Design Review, Audit and Due Diligence
  • Relief and Protection System Studies Hazard Analysis
  • Safety Assessment and Hazard Analysis
  • Micro-generation and reliability design
  • Biomass diesel and Ethanol plant design and specification
  • Specialty Welding and Fabrication facility preparation, training and testing
  • Petro-equipment prefabrication, packaging, pre-installation testing and shipping
  • Construction and commercialization for most types of Oil and petroleum process, distribution and storage facilities