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SERVICE family: Project Engineer NP : TBC
Branch: Exploration-Production Ref : E&P
Metier: Project Rev : 00
Direction: TUPNI / PREOWEI
Title: Pipeline Engineer                               Incumbent:                                        Signature : Entity: TUPNI / PREOWEI Project              Employee Id N°:
Hierarchical relationship:        Pipeline Engineering Lead

Present Holder:


PREOWEI field is located approximately 175 km from Port Harcourt, within the Oil Mining Lease 130, in water depths ranging from 1100-1500m. Distances with the main existing or future infrastructures are:


    29 km to the North of EGINA Field and EGINA FPSO (OML130, operated by TUPNI)

    20 km to the North-West of AKPO field & AKPO FPSO (OML130, operated by TUPNI)


PREOWEI will be developed as a subsea Tie-back to the EGINA FPSO. The management of the PREOWEI Project is located in Lagos, Nigeria

The Pipeline Engineer will be part of the TUPNI Project team who will oversee the execution of the Front End

Engineering Design (FEED), Compensated Call For Tender (CCFT) and Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation (EPCI) phases, and will be assisting in the delivery of the Flowlines System and rigid spools scope, in accordance with Contract requirements, in particular the technical requirements and in line with the schedule, effectively responsible for all technical matters related to Flowline System (and associated ancillaries) scope;



To this objective, he will be in charge of:

       Reviewing all relevant Engineering documents throughout the FEED, CCFT and EPCI phases, which typically include Flowline and rigid spools (if any) Mechanical design, Flowline expansion analysis, route optimization and field layout, on-bottom Stability Analysis, ECA, Lateral Buckling/Pipe-Walking Analysis, Free Span Analysis, Cathodic Protection design, Installation, Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Feasibility/Analyses etc.

       Assisting, in Qualification activities as may be required pertaining to the relevant components of the flowline system,

       Assisting in resolution of interface issues as necessary, involving SPS, electrical heating system, installation, hook-up, pre-commissioning, commissioning etc., including the existing EGINA facilities.

       Assisting in analysis of Contractor technical queries and preparation of comments and proposed answers to these queries

       Assisting as necessary, concerning Flowline Systems (and associated ancillaries) and rigid spools, in the preparation of the technical aspects of the EPCI Contract.

       Ensuring that Engineering activities are performed in line with Contract requirements, Project Specifications and

Schedule during the CCFT FEED and EPCI phases.

       Ensuring that Engineering activities are performed in line with TOTAL general specifications and prepare proper derogations, if required

       Ensuring that HSE requirements are taken into consideration during design

       Liaising with other Team engineers to ensure technical consistency of all interfacing systems constituting the


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PREOWEI development as well as the existing EGINA facilities, in particular the flowline electrical heating

system, flow assurance, fabrication and installation feasibility, pre-commissioning/commissioning etc.

       Liaising with TOTAL HQ Specialists, or third parties, when required, for specific topics (such as geotechnics, hydrodynamics, structural, material &  welding, corrosion &  coating,  etc.)  to  ensure that  these  topics  are adequately addressed when they concern the Flowlines system.

       Getting feedback from other deepwater projects on Flowline Systems (and associated ancillaries).

       Participating in various technical reviews (Hazids, Hazops, Project Technical Reviews etc …) and ensuring implementation of recommendations as necessary

       Follow-up  and  provide  engineering  support  to  Project  team  during  procurement,  fabrication,  transport, installation and pre-commissioning of the Flowline and rigid spools system




       To ensure that all safety and environmental required studies will be reviewed/updated and that final design will comply with ALARP policy.

       To ensure that design will comply with all HSE requirements and that Safety and Environment dossiers will be provided to National Authorities in due time.

       Start during the FEED and CCFT phase and evolve into a role (Flowline System) during the EPCI phase

       During FEED and CCFT: primarily based in TUPNI main office in Lagos, with regular spot visits to Contractors’

office in Lagos;

       During  EPCI:  relocation  to  Contractors’  project  office  in  Lagos,  with  possible  missions  to  sites  locally,

internationally and offshore field.

       Reports directly to the Pipeline Engineering Lead

      Deputizing for the Pipeline Engineering Lead, when required

       Graduate degree in a relevant engineering discipline MANDATORY (copy of certificate to be provided) with MSc or equivalent. Depending on experience, candidates with BSc may be also given consideration.

       Minimum of 10 years’ experience in pipeline engineering for deepwater projects. Relevant experience will include performance and/or validation of design specifications, performance and / or validation of detail design calculations for Pipelines, ECA and rigid spools.

       Good knowledge of international design codes / standards and TOTAL general specifications

       Good sense of organization, ability to prioritize activities, to identify critical aspects, to propose way forwards, to lead specialists or third parties, to summarize and present complex design issues including transverse and interfaces matters

       Some knowledge in structural, hydrodynamics and flow-assurance will be also valuable

       Some knowledge in material, welding, corrosion, coatings will be also valuable

       Fluent in English both verbally and in writing

       Ability to work efficiently, prioritize in a fast-paced project and meet schedule requirements.

       Prior experience of pipeline electrical heating technologies (ETH-PIP or DEH-Wet insulation) is a plus.


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