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Position on Organisation Chart: Reports to the Marine Offshore Manager


General description

•    Responsible for the tanker movements on site and the transfer operations of hydrocarbons to or from the FPSO and

•    To or from the export tanker or vessel (Pilot, Berthing Master & tanker Loading Master).

•    Deputise for the Marine Superintendent position when the Marine Superintendent is absent from the FPSO.


Scope of work

•    Organises arrival/departure procedures for export tanker,

•    Pilots the export tanker to/from mooring point (loading buoy or tandem position),

•    In the event of an emergency, manages the off-load tanker securing or disconnection operations

•    Assists and provides marine advice when approaching and mooring the export tanker.

•    Inspects the export tanker, completes the HSE and Security check lists,

•    Inspection of site support vessels, when required,

•    Is authorised to stop or refuse berthing operations taking place,

•    Supervises tanker de-ballasting,

•    Is responsible for the application of HSE rules, international and National regulations codes and standards,

•    Ensure communication with FPSO are maintained during loading operation,

•    Checks volume calculations for exported batch,

•    Supervise the 1st  Level corrective and preventive maintenance plan for all equipment associated with marine and logistic operations including Mooring equipment and tools, work boat, SBM equipments, tandem equipments

•    Responsible for spare part management of equipment associated with his duties.

•    Advisor to the COMPANY for the completion of cargo documents (BL, LOP, etc…)


Context and Environment

•    Rotation status: 4 weeks on/4 weeks off

•    Employed offshore on the FPSO.


Qualifications required

•    Unlimited master STCW 95 Class 1 Certificate (Deck) with tanker advance training.

•    Bridge Resources Management certificate or equivalent

•    A minimum of 10 years service on an oil tanker VLCC, FSO or FPSO with 3 years as master or chief officer or harbour pilot, with experience of tandem and buoy approaches

•    2 years as pilot required

•    BOSIET Certificate

•    Languages: English.


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