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Division : Exploration-Production                                                                                                      REF : E/P
Direction : Total E&P Nigeria Limited (TEPNG)
Level: Head Position:

Onne Head of Materials D&C

§ Onne Site is a common base providing logistics support, stock management and offshore security support for all

TUCN Affiliates (PHC District, DW District)

§    Stocked materials for Drilling & Completion equipment account for about $353 million in value, 9900 line items

§    Total tonnage for Drilling & Completion equipment loaded per year on vessels: 100 Kton

§ At present TUCN has 1 high technology drilling rigs offshore (1.2 MMUSD/day each if on standby) and two offshore drilling rig.


Job Holder ensures that all Drilling & Completion material and equipment (TEPNG & TUPNI) on Site is properly maintained, managed and supplied to end users according to planning and spot requests. QA/QC is an integral part of this function.

Management scope:

§     Direct reports: 6 people (B2B positions)


Location:  Onne Site

Rotational (Y/N) : Y


§ DW & JV HSEQ                                                                   § Maintenance DW & JV

§ TS / D&C DW & JV                                                              § DW & JV Stock

§ TS / C&P DW & JV                                                              § Security

§ TS / ECP DW & JV                                                              § Services Companies

§ TS / Tech. Log. & JV

At all times, the job holder will:


§ Respect HSE commitment to Total Policy, Standards and site procedures.

§ Maintain awareness of and ensure compliance with all relevant Statutory and Company HSE standards

§ Attend HSE site committee meetings and lead D&C HSE committee meetings.

§ Contribute to site HSE anomaly reporting system. Familiarize self with TEPNG emergency procedures, carry out assigned responsibilities safely and report any incident, unsafe act or operation.

§ Ensure all personnel under his / her supervision are well trained and aware of their HSE responsibilities with continuous monitoring to check compliance



§ Ensure that the highest HSE company standards are implemented on Site in all areas within perimeter

§ Ensure that all materials and equipment are available on time, in proper working condition and have passed the necessary QA QC requirements

§ Ensure that all equipment is managed correctly (stored, shipped, returned, inspected, assembled, tested,…)

§ Ensure that yard tubular services are in compliance with the contract

§ Ensure that all equipment inventories are properly maintained & responsible are aware of potential issues

§ Ensure the companies HSE rules and practices are applied to all equipment and QA QC duties

§ Ensure contractor HSE rules are in place, well understood and strictly followed

§ Ensure that all received materials are accepted in good condition and conform to required specifications and in accordance with SAP purchase orders or the manifest

§ Permanently liaison with QAQC HQ to solve related problems for TUCN DCD.

§ Report / debrief / analyse any HSE deviation in the work practices

§ Manage reception and quality conformation of materials and equipment received

§ Supervise material reintegration from the Sites

§ Follow-up of equipment preparation operations (Site and service companies)

§ Draw up operating procedures for workshop activities including QC procedures

§ Optimize activities of service providers and assess their performance

§ Manage and ensure Totals QA QC requirements are applied (Onne Base Entry/Exit, local purchase)

§ Manage the Equipment and QA QC service within DCD

§ Implement the company QA QC procedures

§ Follow inspection Yard company (AMOSCO and next), oversee and ensure they are adequately competent to perform the work required

§ Act as focal point for yard tubular services contractor management

§ Perform regular inspections of companies and sub contractors facilities and practice

§ In liaison with Stock control team, define inspection requirement for stock equipment

§ Co-ordinate with DCD and ensure correct liaison, interface and supply for equipment requirement on medium term basis

§ Interface with end users to ensure on a daily basis that QA/QC requirements are maintained

§ Prepare and maintain (ensure valid) Logistics QA QC procedures

§ Ensure team members are trained according to company requirements (HSE and others)

§ Report any anomaly in the process to the end user. Ensure corrective measures are proposed and implemented

§ Ensure the respect of safety rules and frames of reference

§ Contribute, when possible, to the definition of new QA QC and procedures for Onne site

§ Perform regular HSE meetings with Onne DCD personnel and contractors

§ Incumbent is based at Total Base, ONNE, Nigeria.

§ Work regime: Rotation, 11 hours per day, 7 days per week, 28 days rotation.

§ Onne Site is a common onshore base providing logistics support, stock management and offshore security support for all TUCN Affiliates (PHC District, DW District).

§ The position is essential in the TEPNG organization in terms of ensuring that QUALITY materials meant for operational use are received into stock and are issued as and when required.

§ Failure to do so may expose the Company to important operational problems such as incessant breakdowns, shutdowns, rig stand-by,.. etc, thereby resulting in production & financial losses, … etc.

§ Ability to work on his/her own initiative with minimum supervision and be able to remain calm under pressure, working to meet deadlines, demonstrating logical thought patterns, a high degree of organisational ability, and be an effective communicator with contacts at all levels.




The job holder will:


  • Ensure that Total processes relative to ethics and compliance are fully respected.
  • For that, will ensure that his entity is working in full compliance with the Codes of Conduct and Code of Ethics
  • Adhere to values and principles of the Company Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Act in the best interest of the affiliate at all times.
  • Adapt to changes in work practices and job activities.
  • Seek out learning opportunities and transfer new skills and knowledge to the job.
  • Willingly and openly share good practice.
  • Demonstrate full compliance and leadership in procurement code of conduct.
  • Ensure contractors respect Total E&P standards.
  • Provide full logistics & QA/QC support and seek continuous ways of improvement.
  • Actively cooperate, when required with the board of Inquiry.


  • Initial formal education: Technician
  • Professional experience (number of years): 20
  • Prior experience (desirable): Completion QA/QC Superviseur and workshop manager / Material Superintendant.
  • 20 years Oil Industry (Drilling, well services, materials)
  • Knowledge of SAP R3 4.6 Material Management (MM) Module would be an advantage.

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