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¨        Marine support of DW site: OML 130 (AKPO & EGINA) and Exploration activities: rigs and 1 FPSO; any types of vessels (construction vessels, OIMR, PSVs, terminal tugs, security and crew boats) under contract; Main logistics sites: OML 130, and occasionally Onne Port or Lagos.

¨       Position requires :

o To provide principal expertise in the field of marine operations (except in all associated activities with Tanker

Lifting) as required by DGEP rules

o To provide Coaching to Marine contractors upon needs and demonstrate Ability to manage the interface with major Marine Contractors, from different cultures.

o Wide Experience (Senior) of offshore operation as Chief Engineer and Captain on AHTS, PSV and IMR (10 years)

o Supervision of marine personnel onshore and offshore.

o Good technical knowledge of marine engineering equipment and practices in order to Schedule, plan, prepare, manage and supervise offshore marine operations


¨        The Marine Superintendent provides expertise in the specialist field of marine engineering and operations to support Deepwater District marine activity as required by directives EP19, DGEP General Policy for Marine Operations, CR LSO 200 and Marine Operations Standards.

¨     Technical assistance

o   Schedule, plan, prepare, manage and supervise various offshore marine operations, and provide Company Marine Representation for marine engineering related equipment; liaising with Line Management and Client Departments  as  necessary. Advise Offshore Installation Managers for the Marines Operations (loading & unloading cargoes, transfer of pax…)

o   Provide Marine expertise to all departments offshore (Drilling, Projects and Production) concerning marine related activities

o  Monitor the operation of all Deepwater vessels.

¨     Ensure all operations under Service holder’s supervision are conducted safely and within agreed SLA’s.

¨       Provide regular reports and updates to the Manager of Deepwater Marine regarding Marine Operations and Vessels’


¨     Method

o  Ensure the implementation and application of the COMPANY Marine procedures (guidelines on approac h to

Offshore installations, etc.), CMS and COMPANY HSE rules by Contractors

o  Assist with the development and propose revision of marine procedures in compliance with the Company CMS

o  Monitor and propose corrective actions to Marine related anomaly reports and vessels action trackers

o  Continually monitor the fast crew boat activities with referent Captains of the contractors.

o  Assist contractor Marine operations, procedure analysis and follow up of their application on site

¨     Inspections/audit/condition

o  Conduct OVID inspections for COMPANY.

o  Conduct and/or organise Entry Permit

o  DP

·    Ensure Dynamic Positioning follow-up as well as DP audits for the Fleet of COMPANY.

·    TAMO CAMO for all DP vessels

·    DP annual trials

o   Assist with all marine auditing requirements, which includes auditing of a wide range of offshore vessels, such as MODU’s and DSV and other specialist vessels, and contractors’ management systems, ensuring full compliance with Company CMS

o  Inspect on Quarterly basis the boat landings and issue a comprehensive report regarding their conditions.

o  Conduct inspection of potential and contracted vessels and assessment of the crew

o  Provide   feedback   for   Marine   Contract   Service   Quality

Meetings. .




At all times, the Service holder will:

¨     Demonstrate personal commitment to the HSE Policy

¨     Maintain awareness of and ensure compliance with all relevant Statutory and Company HSE standards

¨     Actively participate in Company safety awareness and initiative schemes

¨     Participate in the incident investigation and follow-up (implementation of CTA conclusions)


In undertaking this role, the Service holder will:

¨     Proactively carry out the activities of the Service.

¨     Perform regular HSE meeting with contractors

¨     Be responsible for achievement of agreed objectives and corrective actions defined into contractor audit plan

¨     Adapt to changes in work practices and Service activities

¨     Act in the best interest of the affiliate at all times.

¨     Seek out learning opportunities and transfer new skills and knowledge to the Service

¨     Adhere to the values and principles of the Company Code of Conduct at all times

¨     Willingly and openly share good practice.

¨     Incumbent is based offshore OML130, Nigeria.

¨     Work regime: rotational 4 weeks on/4 weeks off (7 days per week)

¨     Frequent movement from one vessel to another with occasionally movement to port (Onne and/or Lagos)

¨     Maintain support for marine operations for all the affiliate’s entities.

¨     Ensure COMPANY HSE policy for all Deepwater District and CONTRACTORS’ Marine operations is adhered to.

¨     Maintain technical supervision of all marine activities.

¨     Issue Inspection and Close-out report

¨     Issue Anomaly and incident Report

¨     Ensure technical compliance with COMPANY standards.

¨     Report to Lagos Marine Manager, Lagos Marine Superintendent and Marine Offshore Manager

¨     Class 1 Master’s certificate (STCW95) for seagoing vessel

¨     10 years experience as Chief Officer and Captain on Offshore Vessels (AHTS, PSV, IMR) with Full DPO Certificate

¨     Hold valid OVID inspector accreditation

¨     Experience in organisation, planning of personnel transport & logistics

¨     Proven record of achievement within marine operations.

¨     Languages: Fluent in spoken and written English.


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