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SERVICE family: Field Operations NP : TBC
Branch: Exploration-Production Ref : E&P
Metier: Operations
Direction: TUPNI
Title: Marine Operations Manager                                          Incumbent: TBA             Signature : Entity: TUPNI                                      Employee Id N°:
Hierarchical relationship:   Offshore Installation Manager

Present Holder:

Number of subordinates: None


The SERVICE holder will ensure that all activities related to the Marine discipline, particularly the selection, installation, certification and operational procedures of marine equipment and related systems are correctly and safely defined. That covers amongst other:


–   All rescue and survival boats, work boats and vessels including davits and launch systems.


–     All cargo, slop, ballast, process and offloading systems including control systems and associated hydraulic systems


–   All bunker stations.


–   All slop and bilge water treatment systems.


–   All scupper systems.


–   All mooring systems.


–    All systems associated with offloading, tandem offloading including hydraulic systems, winches, QCDC, hoses, hoses reels and Hawsers.


–   Marine telecommunication systems: GMDS, berthing aid system, navigation aids


–   Offshore field monitoring system (ISPS – radar system)


–   Meteocean and mooring Buoys



        The SERVICE holder will highlights any points that may lead to concerns during operations of marine systems, offloading, tank inspection, etc… or deviate from availability and reliability targets.

          He will develop the SOW for marine CFT and perform associated technical evaluation.


          He will actively participate in resolution of the design concerns with FPSO and Contractor engineering.

     He will be the focal point within the Shipyard, Marine Warranty Surveyor, Class Society and Flag for the entities involved in the certification of the equipment related to the marine systems.

        During  FPSO construction at yards in during offshore commissioning phase the SERVICE holder will have the responsibilities to:

–    Timely review and comment all technical documents linked to the marine equipment and systems produced by the Contractors. He will also provide his inputs to the marine related documents produced in order to ensure consistency between design and operations.


–   Participate to workshops related to marine and logistics activities.




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–   Identify and address all interface issues with other disciplines with respect to the selection and installation

activities of the marine systems.


–   Review the Contractors marine related procedures produced by contractor (mooring, towing, etc..).


–    Follow  the  construction  of  the  FPSO,  providing  his  inputs  to  maximize  operability,  accessibility  and maintainability of the marine equipments and systems. All his inputs shall also be driven towards safety of future operating personal.

–    Provide his  Master’s  tanker experience to  other  departments as  required  and  validate the  operational simulations and associated operational thresholds..


–    Prepare and develop marine operational guidelines and procedures (port regulations, marine restricted area, loading/offloading procedures, etc.)

–   Provide marine support to Logistics.


        He will provide the principal expertise in the field of marine operations to support marine activities as required by directives EP19, DGEP General Policy for Marine operations, rule CR LSO 200/300 and Marine Operations Standards. He will be in charge of derogation request to LSO Headquarter related to marine equipment and operation

        He will participate to the selection of naval means to be used on the site and will ensure that all vessels that will intervene for Egina Project have been duly inspected and comply with International, National and Company rules (IMO, OCIMF (OVID), IMCA and other international organizations’ inspection procedures).

          He will liaise and interface with Egina Logistic Manager as well as with all concerned and related TEPN

departments. He will also ensure the management of interfaces related to its domain of responsibility.

          He will carry out any other activities within the scope of his responsibilities.


–   He will assist to establish emergency marine procedures and provide necessary expertise.


–   He will participate in risk analysis for marine operations (HAZID/HAZOP).


–   He will gather ‘lessons learnt’ and provide feedback as required.


–   To fully comply with all security, health and safety instructions.


–   To stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings.


–   To report to Management on any issue they may face or observe and propose way of improvement.


–   To fully comply with Security rules about Travelling in Nigeria.


–   To fully comply with all HSE requirements at all sites. Particularly the FPSO yards and sites.




Former Master Mariner with oil tanker and FPSO experience.


Captain Unlimited STCW Class 1. Minimum 10 years Oil and Gas Industry Experience, at least 5 years of which should have been gained in a marine logistics environment and/or Marine Operations Manager.


Profile: Team working, leadership, adaptability, proven record of achievement within marine operations


To have knowledge of:






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–   Regulatory framework of the Group / countries.Supervisory experiences and ability to work in multi engineering teams simultaneously.


–   Good supervisory, communication skills, team management skills


–     Language: Fluent in English with French an advantage.





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