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Service Description
Branch: Exploration-Production                                                                                                       REF: E/P
Direction: Africa
Service Title: Field Medic Offshore – OML 130 (EGINA-FPSO)

Service Holders:

Position to report: Site Manager (OIM) / Head of Emergency and Field Support who reports to the Chief Medical Officer
–      The Medic on site works under the technical authority of the Head of Emergency and Field Support and the CMO;

–      Ensures the provision of high standard medicare on site for all personnel in accordance with Company guidelines;

–      Manages medical care, hygiene matters and advises the OIM on health matters on behalf of the CMO;

–        Ensure 24/7 operational availability and first line response for medical emergencies: stabilize and condition patient for Medevac under Head of Emergency and Field Support/CMO authority



1)    Routine care consisting in:

–      Carrying out routine nursing care and procedures;

–      Carrying out consultations, drugs’ delivery and minor procedures within his competence under supervision and support of “Head Emergency

& Field support” and CMO;

–        Handling medical equipment and pharmacy in the sick-bay (equipment maintenance follow-up, stock management for drugs), paying special attention to emergency preparedness;

–      Referring patients who require further attention after “Head Emergency & Field support” and CMO has been informed;

–      Documenting consultation outcome in the individual patient medical folder;


2)    Emergency care consisting in:

–      Carrying out 24/7 immediate initial assessment and stabilization upon arrival of any patient with critical condition;

–      Immediate reporting to “Head Emergency & Field support”/CMO and initiation of the Medevac/Medrescue process in accordance with the

TEPNG Medical Evacuation Plan (PLN-HSE/GEN-M09-54);

–      Coordinate the First Aid Team / Stretcher Team for I.P. evacuation;

–      Carrying out, when the situation warrants it appropriate in the event of multiple casualties:

o   Triage and Medevac prioritization procedure using the adequate form (referring to Affiliate’s medical Evacuation Plan: PLN- HSE/GEN-M09-54);

o  Psychological support to IP and all personnel on board;

–      Ensuring that proper medical resources (drugs, disposables and equipment) are available and operational 24/7;

–      Conducting weekly first aid training to Stretcher Team;

–        Carrying out a weekly exercise (single IP) with Stretcher Team and a larger scale multiple casualty exercise involving the OIM on a quarterly basis.


–      Conducting with HSE Advisor the weekly hygiene visit in accordance with Company rule;

–      Conducting Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) procedure with the Camp Boss;

o  Ensuring that food samples are systematically collected;

o  Carrying out regular and random inspections of catering and food chain;

o  Checking water quality through regular samplings;

–      Providing hygiene education for all Catering personnel and checking personal hygiene;

–      Ensuring that all catering personnel have valid medical certificate;

–      Supervising pest control  in catering and accommodation areas,

–      Carrying out a weekly inspection in the living quarters together with the Campboss, the GMC Utility SPV and the HSE SPV;

–      Managing medical waste in accordance with company rule;

–      Reporting to OIM/RSES



–      Induction of all new personnel on board upon their arrival:

o  Opening of a personal medical folder (medical history, chronic condition and regular treatment…)

o  Checking validity of the AMC and recording the Fitness Certificate;

–      Raising awareness on hygiene, pest control and prevention of infectious diseases including malaria.


–      Providing the OIM and the CMO with the monthly activity report and yearly statistics according established templates;

–      Keeping up-to-date medical activity records;

–      Alerting immediately the OIM, the  “Head Emergency & Field support”/CMO of any epidemiologic event (contagious diseases, food


–      Attending HSE meetings

–      The Medic on site is the representative of the CMO on matters of health and hygiene and looks up to the ‘Head of Emergency an d Field

Support’ for technical direction.

–        Giving relevant information while maintaining medical confidentiality to Site Manager, HSE Advisor, GMC Supt and any concerned leaders which may impact Site’s activity or safety;

–      A difficulty can arise from unrealistic or unreasonable expectation and demands.

Accountable for the above detailed medical responsibilities under the authority of the OIM and under the technical authority o f the CMO.



–      Familiarizes self with TEPNG emergency procedures, carries out assigned responsibilities safely and reports any incident, uns afe

act or operation;

–      Ensures all personnel under his supervision are well trained and aware of their HSE responsibilities with continuous monitoring to

check compliance.

             Registered general Nurse AND

–      Certified and registered anesthetic nurse  or   Emergency Medicine Qualified registered nurse

–      5 Years’ post CRNA / A&E qualification experience required

–      Valid BLS/ACLS/ITLS certifications

–      Basic Computer + office Knowledge

–      Service Holder’s Signature : –      Date:
–      Manager Signature: –      Date:


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